Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Performance improvement for geo-distributed Map-Reduce processing using Data transfer reduction    Ph.D    mirpour marzuni, seyed saeed    2018-10-13
2    A Fault-tolerant Semi-Partitioned Scheduling Algorithm for Real-time Multi-core Systems Using Backup Tasks    M.Sc.    hossein zadeh bandbafiha, mostafa    2018-09-18
3    A hybrid algorithm for scheduling scientific workflows in IaaS cloud with deadline constraint to minimize execution cost    M.Sc.    hariri, malihe    2018-09-05
4    A cloud broker for executing deadline-constrained periodic scientific workflows to reduce monetary cost    Ph.D    Taheri, Hoda    2018-08-18
5    Resource Management in Federated Cloud Based on Public Goods Game    M.Sc.    Khorasani, Neda    2018-07-08
6    Efficient Multi-User Computation Offloading for Mobile-Edge Computing using game theory    M.Sc.    Rahati Ghouchani, Mahla    2018-07-08
7    Reliability Improvement with the Aid of Real-time Fault-tolerant Scheduling of Independent Tasks    Ph.D    Ghavidel, Abolfazl    2018-06-26
8    Optimizing The Memory Footprint of Smith-Waterman Algorithm For Local Bioinformatics Sequence Alignment By CUDA GPUs    M.Sc.    Musawi, Muqdad Abdulraheem Hayder    2018-06-25
9    A parallel multiple sequence alignment using smith-waterman algorithm    M.Sc.    AL HAKEEM, MAHDI AHMED ALI    2018-06-18
10    workflow scheduling on clouds using a combination of on-demand and spot instance    M.Sc.    ALABEDI, YASIR MOHAMMED ABED    2018-05-28
11    String matching by using less frequent word    M.Sc.    Qrmshahe, Muntasser    2018-05-27
12    Finding optimal graph for distributing parcels across the country    M.Sc.    Adli, Milad    2018-02-25
13    Reliability and Energy Improvement in Real-time Mixed-criticality Multi-Core Processor Embedded Systems    Ph.D    Sadeghzadeh, Seyed Hassan    2018-02-13
14    Energy Efficient Scheduling on Single-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-Core Processors considering Fairness    Ph.D    Salami, Bagher    2018-02-13
15    Improving the EPSM workflow scheduling algorithm using partial critical paths    M.Sc.    Obayes, Yahia    2018-01-17
16    Thread Scheduling on Multi-core Processors to Enhance Energy Delay Product    Ph.D    hajibegloo, mohammad    2017-10-12
17    Designing a recommendation system in social networks using link prediction and classification techniques to suggest a friend    M.Sc.    Al-Khazaali, Ahmed Ali Talib    2017-09-19
18    Semi-Federated Scheduling of Multiple Periodic Real-time DAGs on Multiprocessor Systems    M.Sc.    Shariati, Masoud    2017-09-06
19    On the spanning ratio of Yao graphs    M.Sc.    Hsaini, MARYAM    2017-09-04
20    An improved multi-objective PSO algorithm for workflow scheduling in cloud by improving the initial population    M.Sc.    ALBUSHAMKHEE, AMER    2017-08-15
21    Deadline and Reliability Constrained Workflow Scheduling on the Cloud to minimize cost    Ph.D    Mousavi Nik, Samaneh Sadat    2017-08-07
22    scheduling of Scientific workflow ensembles under budget and deadline constraints in IaaS clouds    Ph.D    morvaridi, anahita    2017-08-07
23    Dynamic Probabilistic-Based Robust Resource Allocation Method in Heterogeneous Computing Systems    Ph.D    Adineh, Hadi    2017-08-06
24    A Parallel Algorithm for Protein Sequences Motif Discovery    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Rahele    2017-07-11
25    A cost-effective scheduling algorithm for workflow ensembles using on-demand and spot instances in clouds    M.Sc.    Zolfaghari, Behrooz    2017-07-11
26    An improved multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for workflow scheduling in cloud by improving the initial population    M.Sc.    Arkan hadi ALezzi, Ali    2017-07-09
27    Protein Number of    M.Sc.    Babolhakami, Amir Hossein    2017-05-16
28    Protein-protein interaction network analysis between host and virus via network topology    Ph.D    khorsand, babak    2017-05-07
29    A Graph-Based Approach for Topology Determination of α-Helices in Cryo-EM Images using Homologous Substructures    Ph.D    behkamal, bahareh    2017-02-26
30    shortest path problem with polygonal barriers and rotation angle and minimum distance restrictions between two consecutive rotations    M.Sc.    ranjbar divkoti, mohammad reza    2017-01-01
31    Life Event Detection from Social Media    Ph.D    Khodabakhsh, Maryam    2016-12-06
32    RNA Short-read Alignment based on meta-data approach with GPU-accelerated    M.Sc.    hajimohammadi, hadi    2016-09-19
33    Scheduling Hybrid Workflows using Extended Look-Ahead Approach in the Cloud Computing    M.Sc.    nassiri, shahab    2016-09-18
34    System Level Multi-Core Thermal Management for Work-Stealing Based Parallel Programs    M.Sc.    Goharjoo, Hamid    2016-09-18
35    A partitioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Static Priority Real-time Tasks on Distributed Multicore Systems    M.Sc.    Hatami, Mojtaba    2016-09-18
36    An Improved Workflow Scheduling Algorithm for Stream Processing Systems in Heterogenous Clusters    M.Sc.    Firouzi, َAMir    2016-07-11
37    Aggregator-Based Load Scheduling in Smart Grid    Ph.D    MORADI MOGHADAM, SOLMAZ    2016-06-22
38    Improving Performance of Phoenix-based Multiprogramming through Contention-Aware Co-Scheduling    M.Sc.    pourhassan, afsaneh    2016-06-14
39    Demand Side Management based on Central Optimization for The Smart Grid    M.Sc.    Barabadi, Behzad    2016-04-16
40    Network-aware energy efficient placement of VMs in IaaS Clouds    M.Sc.    mohammadi, neda    2016-02-22
41    Scheduling Scientific Workflow Ensembles under Deadline and Budget Constraints in Cloud Computing    M.Sc.    Rezaee, Mahmood    2016-02-03
42    Multi-criteria workflow scheduling on cloud using iterative critical path    Ph.D    khojasteh, ghazaleh    2015-10-31
43    Extending Multi-BSP Computational Model for GPUs    Ph.D    Riahi, Ali    2015-10-31
44    Enhancing Performance of Graphics Processing Units through Better Scheduling of Concurrent Kernel Execution    Ph.D    Shekofteh, Seyed Kazem    2015-10-31
45    Robust Visual Tracking via Contextual Information    M.Sc.    ghaffarian, saeede    2015-09-22
46    Improving HEFT Algorithm For Scheduling Workflows    M.Sc.    dolkhani, elham    2015-09-20
47    scheduling concurrent execution of kernels in GPU    M.Sc.    mohammadi, rasoul    2015-09-17
48    VoIP QoS Provisioning in Wireless Mesh Networks using Adaptive Network Coding    Ph.D    Khosraviroshkhari, Hossein    2015-09-16
49    Semantics-enabled User Interest Mining from Social Networks by Modeling Topics    Ph.D    Zarrinkalam, Fattane    2015-08-29
50    semantic fragmentation of a process model using ontology    M.Sc.    hosein zade, somaye    2015-06-02
51    Energy-efficient VM Scheduling in IaaS cloud    M.Sc.    nadjar, sayyed ali    2015-05-31
52    optimal placement of aggregators in AMI system of smart grid    M.Sc.    tavasoli, mahsa    2015-05-31
53    SIP Overload Prevention using Resource Management    Ph.D    Montazerolghaem, Ahmadreza    2015-05-21
54    A Thermal-aware Execution Model for Parallel Skeletons in Multicore Computing    Ph.D    Moradi, Morteza    2015-03-04
55    An community detection algorithm based on maximal cliques in social networks    M.Sc.    sarrafzadeh, ehsan    2015-01-31
56    Collaborative Intrusion Detection System based bayes    M.Sc.    Zolfaghari, Leila    2015-01-31
57    Enhancement of Fair Scheduling Multi-workflows on Cloud    Ph.D    Rezaeian, Amin    2015-01-23
58    Distributed Scheduling of Reconfiguration Task in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks    Ph.D    Neamatollahi, Peyman    2015-01-23
59    Reliability and makespan Improvement of Hardware Tasks in Reconfigurable Platforms    Ph.D    Ramezani, Reza    2015-01-10
60    Determining Beta-Sheets Topology in homologous proteins by Constructing Structural Consensus    Ph.D    dehghani, toktam    2014-12-25
61    Protein β-Sheets Structure Prediction Using Improved β-Strands Alignment and Effective Dynamic Programming    Ph.D    Sabzekar, Mostafa    2014-12-25
62    A Self-Testing Technique for an Embedded Operating System    M.Sc.    Sekandari, Hamid    2014-11-10
63    Fact Extraction from Persian Context as RDF Format    M.Sc.    Fadaee, Tooba    2014-09-14
64    Scheduling in Hybrid cloud with maintaining data privacy    M.Sc.    Abrishami, Hamid Reza    2014-07-20
65    A probability based method for predicting protein beta-sheets using integer programming    M.Sc.    eghdami, mahdie    2014-07-06
66    Scheduling Workflows on Cloud Computing Platform Consisted of Multicore Computers Regarding Time and Cost    Ph.D    Deldari, Arash    2014-02-08
67    Distributed Semi Dynamic Gird Scheduling Algorithm With Local Load Balancing Capability    M.Sc.    Bakhshayesh avval, Hadi    2013-10-20
68    Two-way approach to Multiple homologous gene lists alignment    M.Sc.    karimi, zahra    2013-10-20
69    A Forethoughtful Power-Aware Meta-Scheduler For Computational Grids    Ph.D    Saadatfar, Hamid    2013-03-09
70    High-Level and Workload-Driven Computational Power Consumption Modeling    Ph.D    Fadishei, Hamid    2013-03-09
71    Harmonic Partitioned Hard Real-Time Scheduling for Periodic Tasks on Multicore systems    M.Sc.    mirzaee, maryam    2013-02-09
72    Improvement of multiple homologous gene lists by readjustment of link weight and realignment of conflict areas    M.Sc.    khaki yadegar, somayeh    2013-01-29
73    Modularization of Graph-Structured Ontology with Semantic Similarity    M.Sc.    ghafourian, soudabeh    2012-12-30
74    Learning Bayesian structure for Data Streams    M.Sc.    Keivani, Omid    2012-10-14
75    Extending Bayesian Networks with Fuzzy Probabilities for Fuzzy Data    Ph.D    GhazizadehAhsaee, Mostafa    2012-09-17
76    Multiple Protein Sequence Alignment Based on Protein Family Structure    M.Sc.    Hamidi, Sarvenaz    2012-06-17
77    Using intermediate results of SPARQL queries in local distributed environment    M.Sc.    Saeedi, Alieh    2012-04-15
78    Approximate Inference in Hybrid Bayesian Network    M.Sc.    Delavarian, Mohadeseh    2012-03-11
79    A Nash Genetic Algorithm for ‎2D packing‎ with New efficiency function    M.Sc.    Ghamshekan, Mohammad Taghi    2012-01-30
80    adaptive case based reasoning using machine learning techniques    M.Sc.    sharifi, mansoore    2012-01-20
81    Distributed RDFS Knowledge-based System Update in Case of Deletions    M.Sc.    Oliaei, Hamid    2012-01-01
82    Bayesian Network Structure Learning from Data    Ph.D    etminani, kobra    2011-09-23
83    Scalable rasoning on Dynamic RDFS/OWL knowledge-base    M.Sc.    Sazvar, Majid    2011-09-22
84    Text clustring using neighborhood concept and semantic similarity            2011-03-14
85    Multi-BSP skeletons: an higher-order programming model for multi-core architrectures    Ph.D    Savadi, Abdorreza    2011-01-31